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Arroyo City, Port Mansfield, and South Padre Island Texas!!!
Specializing in Sight Casting for Redfish and Trout with Fly Rod and Spinning Gear!!!
A Fishing Experience in the Flats of the Lower Laguna Madre!!!

Guide Policy

What to expect during a charter is always a million dollar question. Just in case I have not already discussed some these, here are my guide policies that I follow to insure you have a good time and to avoid any misunderstanding.

  • Fishing is a sport. Like any sport, people have a different level of skills. Your skill level will determine some of the things I will try to do. Some fishermen come down here to be challenged and put their skills to the test. The number of fish caught is less important to them than the challenge involved. If this is you, the LLM is a perfect choice. Meat (fish) hauling trips are not my main goal. I work hard to show my clients a different part of the bay they may have never seen before and cast at fish that make you wonder what in the world a fish is in 4-6 inches of water.

  • I don’t necessarily have a preference in either poling a client around or have you wade for fish. Both can be very productive and both can be equally difficult. I will recommend what has been working best and leave it up to you decide if you want to follow the advice.

  • I usually don’t fish while guiding fly fishermen. I’m there to make sure your experience is the best you have ever had. I will spend most of my time actively looking for fish for you to cast at. With spin fishermen, I will only fish along side with you in areas or times when sight casting and poling is not an option.

  • I am truly interested in knowing what you expect from my services. This helps me determine what kind of fishermen you are and what I need to do to insure success.

  • I don’t have any control over the weather. With this in mind, please understand that I have absolutely no control over windy/cloudy days and spooky fish. So once you book a trip and I have received the down payment, we are both now committed to the arrangements made with the exception of bad weather. I often feel bad when my clients don’t catch fish, or when a day is especially windy — but we can’t afford to give discounts or compensate you for the difficulties that you may face. I will always endeavor to do the best with the “hand” that Mother Nature deals us. And what’s more, it’s probably true that we learn the most on days that are far from perfect. We only get about 5-10 more or less perfect days through out the year.

  • My goal in every charter is to have my clients have an experience in the LLM like never before. Therefore, my main goal is not to fill the ice chest with fish. We can keep the number of fish allowed under TPW rules, but letting some live a fight another day is cool too.

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