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Arroyo City, Port Mansfield, and South Padre Island Texas!!!
Specializing in Sight Casting for Redfish and Trout with Fly Rod and Spinning Gear!!!
A Fishing Experience in the Flats of the Lower Laguna Madre!!!

Fishing Calendar


When Should I Book a Trip?

January/Mid February

January can be a hit and miss month. Cold fronts generally come in frequently and leave a small window of opportunity for fishing. A mild winter can result in above average fishing. A cold winter will make the fish a bit more lethargic and unwilling to eat. This month is also prime time for the vastly sought after Big Sow Trouts. Water temperatures will vary between 60-65 degrees.

Late February/March

Our yearly high winds begin. With the rise of the low tides that are prevalent during the winter months, anticipation is high for the shrimp hatch. An abundance of new born and juvenile shrimp in certain West side lagoons draw redfish to group together into pods and feed. Trout can also be found feeding in the outskirts of these feeding pods. Finding these fish can be easy. Just look for the Seagulls grouped together picking fleeing shrimp from the top of the water. Fishing potholes can be very productive.


Birding action gets into full swing in the west side. Limits of redfish can be caught within minutes of fishing. It’s a great time of the year to book a trip. Just be ready for continued high winds. East side sand action also kicks up a notch.


Podding action continues on the West side, but is made a bit more difficult with the lack of birds marking the pods. East side action on the sand is now in full swing. Top water action starts to get good for Trout, redfish, and an abundance of ladyfish (skipjacks).


Sometime this month, God pulls the plug on the bay and water gets skinny. The podding action that was consistent on the West side can now be found in deeper water along the ICW. The Spring high winds have calmed down by now. Mornings greet us with glassy calm water. Tailing reds can be seen from several hundred feet away. Redfish also begin cruise along the top of the water making for easy pickings. Topwater action is now outstanding. My personal favorite: 2” Baby Torpedoes (yes… a bass lure! Shhhh don’t tell anyone!)


Both months are very similar to June. Need to keep a constant eye on the Weather. Hurricane season is in full swing. Individual tailing redfish makes for great wading action on calm mornings.


God puts the plug back in. Tides come back up around the middle of the month. The white shrimp mature thus cause the birding action to start up again in the west side. Poding action will continue though November.


Fall birding/pod action is in full swing. This action will continue through next month. Fish begin to get very aggressive and eat just about anything thrown to them in preparation for the winter months.


Fall fishing continues just like October. Schooling redfish can also be found on both the East and West side in preparation for spawning. Cold fonts start to cause havoc again and rescheduling of trips is not uncommon.


Once again, God pulls the plug in the bay. Water temperatures have not yet dropped dramatically. Fish continue to eat aggressively adding as much weight as they can to get through the next couple of months. December can be one of the best months in the year! Keeping an eye on Cold fronts is now a must.

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