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Dan on the Fly


There aren’t many times throughout the year that i really feel the urge to fish when i don’t have a charter most because I want to get some rest before the next gig. All day Thursday, however, was one of those rare moment when I was anxious to get out there on Friday. Ive had a 3 day charter booked from SPI for a couple of months starting on Friday, sadly, it was cancelled at a day ago which left me no time to replace it. Seeing the calm winds on Thursday got my juices flowing for possible nice day of fly fishing for a big spotted lady and or a few reds mixed in. One big problem though………. I loaned my boat to a fellow good friend and guide so he could do a 3 person charter since I was high and dry.

Another friend called and said he wanted to go on Friday only to call that evening to say he couldn’t after all. ohhhh so sad for me. I guess no fishing. ahhhhhh but don’t despair. As luck would have it, a another friend shot me a text early in the morning and wanted to do a little fly throwing. This guy a one heck of a fly caster. He’s probably the 2nd best flycaster i’ve ever had on my boat. the only guy better than him happens to be a world class flycaster Rick Hartman.

We got the day started a little late since he was coming from Mcallen and had to drop off his daughter at school. By the time we got to the water it was near 10:00am. Those nice calm winds that greeted us this morning were all by a memory now. we began our first stretch of poling on the western shoreline near Horesehead. Not great numbers of fish around there, but we had several shots and only one hook up of a mid twenty trout that bit through the tippet after a short fight. It was dissappointig, however, watching any fish eat a fly is always a thrill in it of itself.

We moved after that no so productive session and headed east towards the sand. There was some beautiful clear water out there, but not many fish. We finally stopped and drifted on the sand for a while and managed to land only one red. Time was fleeing from us fast now and only had about an hour more before we had to head in.

We poled west from where we were a couple of hundred hards or more to fish some grass beds that have been holding reds. Bingo! there they were. we finished off that hour with several shots at fish, but the strong winds just made it very difficult to position the boat for good accurate casts at fish with the fly. It turned out ok at the end. We landed out limits of reds and took it in around 2:00.

A nice day with a good friend and good fishing. I can’t wait to do it again with him whenever we have some calmer winds. I truly enjoy watching a guy who can cast the flyrod with ease and accuracy matched by few.

i will post the only pic i took shortly.

i will be on the water again on Monday. stay tuned for that report.

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