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A quick report from yesterdays trip. A good friend and long time client gave me a call mid morning asking if I could take him and an employee out for a short fishing excursion. Normally im not too keen on heading out that late in the day especailly when i have things to do late in the afternoon and evening. it tends to shorten my day way too much without prior planning. This is a different story. The guy has been a very good client over the years and therefore i can’t say no to him.

After hitching the boat up and traveling to the store to fuel up, we didn’t launch until right around 11:45am. As always, the huge dilema slapped my right on the face. Which way to go. the wind was already howling by this point and i knew a lot of the bay will have been blown out. I had received a good report from the previous day’s fishing for some reds so I layed aside my gut instinct to head to the area where i had caught fish on Saturday and went to the area of the report given to me.

After one LOOOOOOOONG drift we mananged to land only one red and one trout. I moved a couple of more times trying to find those darn rojos and then decided to change game plans temporarily. I ask my client if they wouldn’t mind loading up on some trout. The guy almost didn’t give me chance to finish my question before he said “yes!, i prefer to eat trout anyway” I made my way to some different water and after 3 average length drifts, we hooked, landed and boxed the limit of trout. Half of them were nice 21-22″ fat trout that made for some good fillets.

After that we decided to give it one more go for reds, but only a couple of rat reds cooperated. we took it in just before 3:00pm. our total fishing time was probably right at 1 hour 45 minutes. pretty successfull day considering our late start and windy conditions.
today’s catch came from a combination of lures. TTF’s hackberry huster and gulp new penny 3″ shrimp.

sorry, but i didn’t take any photos.

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