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Arroyo City, Port Mansfield, and South Padre Island Texas!!!
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Amen! Amen! Amen!


Happy Birthday to me…Happy Birthday to me…Happy birthday dear Redfish….Happy birthday to me.

I wasn’t planning on fishing today and i’m sure you can tell by now why. yes it’s my Birthday. A good friend and fellow guide called me yesterday late afternoon pretty much begging me to get him out of a bind. He was scheduled to take out 4 pastors from his church, however, his boss had a different idea in the the form of a meeting that he had to attend. I somewhat not really kind of sort of reluctantly agreed and told him to tell the pastors to meet me at the dock at 7:00am. 

As I expected, as I pulled in the boat ramp parking lot, not a single bay boat was there save for 2 commercial crabbers. I patiently waited for the guys to arrive and the minutes ticked away ever so slowly. 7:00, 7:10, 7:20, 7:45, finally at 8:00am the guys arrived. Actually only half of the expect 4 guys made it. Two pastors were no shows and i didn’t dive into the reasons why. i was just happy to see guys who were ready to fish.

The wind speed was really nice this morning. i cant say the same for the wind direction! i was not expecting a east north east kind of wind. Of course this throws off my drift pattern yet i can’t let that throw me off my duty.

Our first 30-45 minutes were pathetic. no fish caught and none seen moving off. As soon as i got to the spot where i had been catching the last week or so, the trout started pounding our lures. We weren’t catching very big trout initially. Most were in the 16-18 range. First drift brought in 6 trout and then the second drift provided up the last 4 for limits. At the end of the 2nd drift and after the limits of trout were in, the bigger ladies started showing up. Ten to fifteen trout in the 20-23″ range were hauled in and released. LOL. the guys were beside themselves as i reminded them these trout being released were bigger than the ones we had in the ice chest. At the end of our third drift only 2 reds had joined our party and a nice flattie crashed in as well. I knew the guys really wanted to catch some reds so i decided to leave lots of big trout to look for some reds.

i made my way to a part of the bay i had not been to this year and it treated us well. we made 3 medium length trips and a few reds decided to play…..we at least for one of the guys. Pastor Joe landed all 6 reds before the other pastor even caught one! Close to the end of our trip, Señora Laguna decided to have mercy on God’s servant by allowing him to land 3 reds.

it was a very good trip overall. we landed around 30 trout, 13-15 reds and one flounder. once again, TTF’s hackberry Huslter Who Dat and Gleaux, killer flats minnow, and trout killer did what they do.

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